Stellenausschreibung Nr. IMT 25-21

IMT 25-21 Internship: Setting up a flow system for metabolism monitoring experiments of bacteria with NMR


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is an analysis tool with several advantages, such as being non-invasive and allowing real-time monitoring. Thus, it offers great opportunities for cell and cell metabolism monitoring over extended periods. Microfluidic bioreactors offer a sufficient way to culture cells in a well-controlled environment. However, for long-term experiments, cells need a supply of fresh culture media to avoid nutrition deficiency and regular removal of waste products. To guarantee these, a controllable pumping and tubing system is necessary. This system ideally does not only deliver fresh culture media and waste product removal but additionally allows transportation of the sample to the NMR for metabolite detection.

The goal of this work is to set up a fluidic tubing system with pumps that are controllable over a graphical user interface. For the pump control, a Raspberry Pi 4 with Python can be used.


  • Set up fluidic tubing system
  • Implementing pumps in embedded system (Raspberry Pi)
  • Creating GUI with Python for easy control of pumps
  • Testing flow system

This internship offers the opportunity of implementing an embedded system into a testing setup as well as gaining first experience with interdisciplinary fields, here microfluidics, NMR and embedded systems.

Persönliche Qualifikation
  • studies in Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer science or similarechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, physics or chemistry
  • basic knowledge in fluidics
  • experience with embedded systems and Python are of advantage
  • self-motivated and independent working
  • good English skills are of advantage

Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)


by appointment

Contract duration

upon consultation

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For further information, please contact M.Sc. Julia Schulte Hermann, phone: +49 721 608-29311, email:


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