ITCP 01-2023 Bachelor / Master Thesis: Ultra-high molecular weight polymers

  • Institute for Biological Interfaces 3 - Macromolecular Materials (IBG 3), Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP)
  • Fixed-Term
  • Full-time

Your Tasks

Conventional controlled polymerization techniques such as RAFT and ATRP allow a wide range of functional monomers to be polymerized, yet the maximum molecular weight that can be achieved is limited. On the other hand, ionic polymerization allows ultra-high molecular weights (UHMW) but has a low tolerance towards functional groups. In this project, advanced polymerization techniques are applied to synthesize new functional UHMW copolymers, including their post polymerization functionalization, characterization and evaluation of potential applications e.g. for electrospinning/jetting and 3D printing.

Your Profile

  • Basic knowledge of organic and/or polymer synthesis
  • Basic knowledge of analytical methods (NMR, SEC, IR, UV/Vis, DSC, TGA etc.)


Carrasco Sanchez, Raquel

Tel: +49 721 608-42016

Contract duration

Bachelor thesis: 3 Months (6 weeks labwork, 6 weeks thesis writing)

Master thesis: 6 Months (5 months labwork, 1 month thesis writing)

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Patrick Théato, e-mail:, Dr. Dominik Voll, e-Mail: or Dr. Christian Schmitt, e-mail: