ITCP 03-2023 Master Thesis: Integration, control and programming of a continuous flow set-up for polymer synthesis

  • Institute for Biological Interfaces 3 - Macromolecular Materials (IBG 3), Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP)
  • Fixed-Term
  • Full-time

Your Tasks

3D printed milli-scale reaction vessels offer scientists the freedom to design reactors using low-cost materials with a quick production turn-around. An initial design to a functional reactor is completed within a few hours and chemical reactions using the device can be completed on the same day. With our flow set-up we want to build an autonomous system that offers the possibility to perform reactions in 3D printed fluidic reactors. In this project (in collaboration with the University of Leeds and Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics at KIT) a solution for the control of the individual system modules and their visual representation is to be developed. Additionally, an algorithm needs to be developed in order to optimize the reaction parameters to drive the polymerization/post-functionalization process to the desired product such as maximum conversion or a specific molecular weight. Input parameters are received from coupled online size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR).

Your Profile

  • Knowledge of chemical engineering and programming


Carrasco Sanchez, Raquel

Tel: +49 721 608-42016

Contract duration

6 Months (5 months labwork, 1 month thesis writing)

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For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Patrick Théato, e-mail:, Prof. Dr. Thomas Meurer, e-mail:, Dr. Dominik Voll, e-Mail: or Dr. Christian Schmitt, e-mail: